How Excel PTE Works

Personalize Learning

With online one-on-one teacher and student Interections Students are able to learn faster Understand and Clear their Doubts which help them to achieve their target scores.

Trusted Courses

PTE Academic scores are accepted by many universities worldwide and also provide Pathway to permanent residency.

Tools for Students

Out of all the digital learning tools for students, Excel PTE is a study saviour. Students can have access thousand of Updated study materials, from notes to guides. And are able to study anywhere and andytime, avoiding the possible stress that may arise at the time of preparation.

Our Courses

Are you aiming for 65+ or 79+ ? Choose Your Course & We will provide you the best!


Fast Track Course

Fast Track PTE is a one-week course for busy people who wish to go through the test pattern quickly. The tips and strategies are shared and explain in a shirt time to prepare for achieving your target scores

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Crash Course

Crash course is a 2 weeks course. In this two weeks course students learn all the tips, tricks and strategies necessary to score anywhere.

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1Month course

This customized course is a wonder course that allows the students to do maximum practice question with an Expert and score higher. Here the teacher works one-on-one with a student at flexible times.

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Score Card

Our Philosphy

We provide safe and secure environment with qualified educators to engage individually with each student to build students perseverance and confidence for scoring.

Academics Principle

Improving our students cognisance and communicative language skills are essential elements of Excel PTE.

Key of Success

We make our students focused and a quick problem solver within the given stipulated time frame.

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